Production Details:



July 26 - August 26, 2018. See CALENDAR for details. 

Open to non-Union actors. Non-paying.



Director: Laura Luc

Choreographer: Thommie Retter



GABRIELLA MONTEZ [Female] the new girl in school. Gabriella is intelligent, pretty ("girl next door" type) and shy. She possesses a fantastic voice when she sings with Troy. Vocal range: A3-C#5.

SHARPAY EVANS [Female] the egocentric star of the school musicals. She is Ryan's older twin (and the alpha dog of the two) and has a mad crush on Troy. Sharpay has never met a mirror she didn't like. Vocal range: A3-D5.

TAYLOR McKESSIE [Female] the head Brainiac of the school, is the president of the Science Club. Taylor has a hidden soft spot for Chad, which might be why she is always making fun of him. Vocal range: G3-C5

DANCE ENSEMBLE [Male & Female] Very strong dancers to play various roles such as jocks, cheerleaders, etc. 

TROY BOLTON [Male] the most popular kid at East High, is the star of the basketball team who yearns to be more than what people want him to be. Troy discovers he loves to sing, but is afraid to admit it to his friends. Athletic, independent, sometimes shy, smitten with Gabriella, a true leader. Vocal range: Eb3-Bb4.

RYAN EVANS [Male] Sharpay's fraternal twin and a star in the making. This character loves singing, dancing and lots of attention. He follows Sharpay's orders, but wants to break free from her shadow. Vocal range: F#3-F#4.

CHAD DANFORTH [Male] is a hot-wired jock, second in command to Troy. He is focused on winning his school's basketball championship, but is slowly understanding that there might be more to this world, including his sparring crush on Taylor. Vocal range: C3-G4.