Production Details:



July 26 - August 26, 2018. See CALENDAR for details. 

Roles will be either single cast with a standby, or double cast. Include ALL CONFLICTS on your audition form, and we will try to work around them if possible. We are looking for actors who can fully commit to this production. 


TUITION: There is a $750 registration fee to participate in this production. There is no fee to audition. Payment plans available. 

To be considered for a need-based scholarship, bring this FORM to your audition. Contact with questions.


Mainstage Roles open to ages 11+. seeking teens & young adults who can play high schoolers.

Open to Equity actors 13 years old and under and Non-Union actors 11+.

For our young actors 8-16 years old, check out our full-scale YOUTH Production of High School Musical audition information!

GABRIELLA MONTEZ [Female Lead, 15+ years old] the new girl in school. Gabriella is intelligent, pretty ("girl next door" type) and shy. She possesses a fantastic voice when she sings with Troy. Vocal range: A3-C#5.

SHARPAY EVANS [Female Lead, 15+ years old] the egocentric star of the school musicals. She is Ryan's older twin (and the alpha dog of the two) and has a mad crush on Troy. Sharpay has never met a mirror she didn't like. Vocal range: A3-D5.

TAYLOR McKESSIE [Female Lead, 13+ years old] the head Brainiac of the school, is the president of the Science Club. Taylor has a hidden soft spot for Chad, which might be why she is always making fun of him. Vocal range: G3-C5

KELSI NIELSEN [Female Lead, age 12+] is a thespian rehearsal pianist and student composer extraordinaire. Underneath her shy demeanor, Kelsi has no tolerance for people (read: Sharpay) who use their talent only to be number one. Vocal range: D4-Bb4.

MARTHA COX [Female Featured, 13+] is a proud member of the Science Club and is brainy with a secret love of dancing. She has a fun-loving sidekicky personality. Vocal range: G3-Bb4.

SUSAN [Female Featured, age 13+] is the "pop star wanna be" audition candidate. This actor is not afraid to go over-the-top with this short yet humorous part. Vocal range: F4-A4

CATHY [Female Featured, age 13+] Cathy is the auditionee who can belt like Ethel Merman! Vocal range: G4-E5

CYNDRA [Female Featured, age 13+] a singer that can imitate an obnoxious vibrato in a serious manner. Vocal range: Ab4-F5.

TROY BOLTON [Male Lead, age 16+] the most popular kid at East High, is the star of the basketball team who yearns to be more than what people want him to be. Troy discovers he loves to sing, but is afraid to admit it to his friends. Athletic, independent, sometimes shy, smitten with Gabriella, a true leader. Vocal range: Eb3-Bb4.

RYAN EVANS [Male Lead, age 14+] Sharpay's fraternal twin and a star in the making. This character loves singing, dancing and lots of attention. He follows Sharpay's orders, but wants to break free from her shadow. Everything Ryan does is calculated and executed impeccably. Vocal range: F#3-F#4.

CHAD DANFORTH [Male Lead, age 14+] is a hot-wired jock, second in command to Troy. He is focused on winning his school's basketball championship, but is slowly understanding that there might be more to this world, including his sparring crush on Taylor. Vocal range: C3-G4.

ZEKE BAYLOR [Male Lead, age 14+] is a basketball player on the Wildcats Team. He has two secrets: a crush on Sharpay and a love for baking! Vocal range: G3-G4

JACK SCOTT [Male Featured, age 12+] the nerdy school announcer who trips over his own feet with the "gift of gab" radio voice. Jack can be quirky in all aspects: looks, dress and comportment. 

RIPPER [Male Featured, age 12+] is a cool skater dude who is, lo and behold, a cello player!  Vocal range: G#3-G#4

JAMES [Male Featured, age 12+] In the big Audition scene, James is the auditionee who sings so badly off key it would scare anyone! Vocal range: A3-C#4.

ENSEMBLE ROLES & DANCERS [Male & Female, age 11+] East High School students: Jocks, Brainiacs, Thespians, Skater Dudes, Cheerleaders, Ms. Tenny, Science Decathlon Moderator, etc., with featured solo parts. These roles are present throughout the show and provide the vocal power for the group numbers. All have solo speaking/singing parts.


ADULT ROLES (Non-Union, ages 21+. Paying.)

MS. DARBUS [Female Lead, 40-50 years old] the eccentric drama teacher. She is an amusing blend of Gertrude Stein and Ethel Merman. Passionate and disciplined, she is always trying to expose students to the enrichment and fun of theatreMs. Darbus exudes wacky, yet it doesn't detract from her true love of theatre and her students. 

COACH BOLTON [Male Lead, 35-45 years old] is the stern basketball coach and Troy's dad. He lost the big game years ago and wants a second chance through his son. 

To be considered for an ADULT ROLE, submit your headshot and resume to