Dance Divas Nutcracker

About the Show: Based on the popular book series, Dance Divas, this brand new World Premiere musical is being presented this holiday season in Times Square. This story follows a group of ambitious young dancers, and the struggles they face as they pursue their dreams. When a famous ballet academy is looking for ballerina's to star in their annual holiday production of The Nutcracker, Anya, Liberty, and Scarlett all think they'll be a shoe-in for the lead role of Clara. But it's actually little Gracie, with her big smile and bubbly energy, that catches the directors eye. The dancers learn that teamwork and friendship can get you through anything, with some holiday magic thrown in!


Character Breakdown

PLEASE NOTE: Basic ballet training is required, but we are open to ANY LEVEL OF DANCE for ALL ROLES, INCLUDING LEADS.

SCARLETT [Female, 10-18 years old] The leader of the Dance Divas group, and older sister to Gracie. A very talented ballerina, who works hard and always wants to impress her teachers. When Gracie gets the role of Clara, Scarlett must deal with her disapointment, and seeing her sister in the spotlight. 

GRACIE [Female, 6-11 years old, 56" & under] - Very small, energetic, bubbly dancer. She is the young sister of Scarlett, and earns the lead role of Clara in The Nutcracker. Must have ballet training and be able to sing (pointe not necessary)

LIBERTY [Female, 8-18 years old] The "mean girl" and the daughter of a Hollywood choreographer; privileged and spoiled thinks she's the best, but deep down she really just craves approval.

ROCKY [Female, 8-18 years old] a hip hop dancer at heart; street smart and tough, she is fearless when it comes to choreography. Tends to clash with Liberty because she won't take her boasting.

ANYA [Female, 8-18 years old] is a classical ballerina who defected from another team and wants to prove that she is truly a Diva.

BRIA [Female, 8-18 years old] Bria feels a lot of pressure from her parents to juggle school with dance, who want her to get straight A's but she views success differently--being a good team player. 

OLIVIER [Male, 8-12 years old, 58" & under]  Plays the role of the Prince, alongside Gracie. Small and energetic, very cute. Strong ballet dancer, who can act and sing.

HAYDEN [Male, 10-18 years old] Hayden is the only male member of the Divas and resident "heartthrob". The girls all fight to do a pas de deux with him. Ballet experience, good actor and singer.

FEATURED ROLES [Males & Females, 8-18 years old] Dancers at the studio, auditioners, cast members of The Nutcracker. All have names, solo lines and/or dance solo parts, and are featured throughout the show.


Performers of all ethnicities and backgrounds strongly encouraged to audition for all roles.